Валерий Карпов

Риски в нефтегазопоисковом процессе

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Карпов В.А.
Безопасность труда в промышленности. 2018. № 12. С. 36-40
"Описывается и подчеркивается особая роль геологического обеспечения безопасного ведения нефтегазопоисковых работ в условиях развития разломозависимых тектонитов (баженитов).
Shale revolution led to the great results in the United States, andthe same is in Russia. It has been already recognized that in themost of regions the number of traditional hydrocarbon traps hasalmost became obsolete. Research, studies of non-anticlinal hydrocarbon traps, among which the significant proportion relatesto traps due to active faults, is being conducted: in the shelf area,in the Eastern and Western Siberia. The special role of the fault is in the formation of the largeaggregate of difficultly mapped hydrocarbon accumulations -tectonically dependent secondary accumulations. The effect offault tectonics on fluid dynamics is obvious. Common featuresof the deposits assigned to tectonites are primarily related to ba-zhenites, which had been studied most of all among shale formations. The process of ensuring safe exploration works in the conditionsof the development of tectonites (bazhenites) includes two (asminimum) geologic elements: comprehensive analysis of all the geological and geophysic material with regard to the identification and tracking of active faultsand the local forecast of areas of their maximum influence -zones of abnormally high formation pressures;implementation of design solutions with risk minimizationduring the construction of an exploration hole under the directguidance by the geologist, who shall ensure safe opening of theformations with abnormally high formation pressure and completeness of geological study. In order to avoid unjustified loss of time and money, to minimizerisks, ensure the highest safety during search of shale hydrocarbons, it is required to organize coordination and cooperation offorces of all those involved in this complex process. And in thefirst instance, this must be implemented among the geologicalservices of organizations. The efficient solution of the problem will require conducting ofthe complete and objective revision of all the obsolete geologicaland geophysical material. This will clarify not only the furtherfate of the «obsolete» fields, but it will also facilitate the saferoperation of oil and gas exploration at the new shale fields"
И главное: природу баженитов еще изучать требуется...http://naen.ru/journal_nedropolzovanie_xxi/arkhiv-zhurnala/2019/3_trudnoizvlekaemye_zapasy_nefti_itogi_pervogo_goda_aprobatsii_metodiki_podscheta_zapasov_nefti_v_ba/

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Короля играет свита
Баженовская свита и поддержание объемов
нефтедобычи в Западной Сибири
"...баженовская свита пред-
ставляет собой тонкий слой нефти толщиной 20–60 метров, находящийся на глубине 2–3 тыс. метров в
расположенных непредсказуемым образом лабиринтах труднопроникаемых коллекторов. Из-за этого
фактора неопределенности оценка запасов свиты сильно различается, однако понятно, что они
значительны. Речь идет о сотнях миллиардов баррелей запасов, в том числе о десятках миллиардов
баррелей нефти, которые
технически можно извлечь»"
Парадокс: запасы значительны, хотя фактор неопределенности зашкаливает...http://naen.ru/journal_nedropolzovanie_xxi/arkhiv-zhurnala/2013/3_razvitie_rynka_obektov_nedropolzovaniya/

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